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Theft, pickpocketing, trespassing, assault, and murder are all crimes in the Faelands. If your character is caught doing one of these acts in a civilized area, he or she can attempt to bribe the guards, resist arrest, or simply serve out a sentence in jail for an XP penalty.

Note: Red text and a red hand icon indicate criminal interactions.

Picking Pockets[]

Interact with others during stealth to attempt to pickpocket them. The rate of successfully pickpocketing a character is determined by how aware that character and others nearby are of your character. The percentage chance of being caught is listed next to the item.

Inspecting items -- and thereby reading books and notes -- in a target's inventory is not considered stealing as the item is not actually taken.

For information about loot, go to Loot.


Your character can also attempt to steal items from owned containers. As with pickpocketing, the odds of being caught are displayed onscreen, and are determined by how aware nearby enemies are of your character.


A Ward is a form of magical trap placed on various containers and doors. Your character first must dispel a Ward to open what it is protecting, or else it explodes and damages your character. The Dispelling Skill determines how effective your character is at safely removing Wards.

NOTE: A red hand icon indicates stolen goods in your character's inventory. Most merchants in Amalur do not purchase stolen good but there are certain exceptions. See Fence.