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The Crymbil are a race of highly intelligent goblins. They do not appear in Reckoning, though they are referenced in the in-game book "The Crymbil". 


The current Crymbil homeland, the Thousand Eye Gorge

The Crymbil were once part of a single, unified race with the Skratta but went through a schism with them in the Middle Kingdoms, with the Crymbil leaving their vicous couins to re-invent themselves. It is believed that the schism between them occurred because of decades -if not centuries- old cultural divergences. However the reason, the Crymbil then settled in Marthen Row, a settlement inhabited by gnomes. These gnomes warmly welcomed them in their land and and helped the Crymbil to grow as a race. It's widely accepted that the Crymbil owe most, if not all, of their grasp of the scientific method, literacy, and history to their time in Marthen Row with the gnomes.

However, the less civilized Skratta hadn't forgotten about their cousins and though it took them several decades to find what had become of the departed Crymbil, track them down they did. It is unclear if their tireless search was driven more by vengeance or the desire to reunite the race. Though Marthen Row was razed to the ground, the Crymbil were able to escape in nearly full numbers, taking with them all they'd learned from their gnomish benefactors. It's believed that they also retrieved a few gnomish relics of great historical value on their flight.

The Crymbil then fled to Thousand Eye Gorge, a dank and unwelcoming swamp, where they founded Marthenshire and lay the foundations for a new realm. There, they fostered the skills learned from their benefactors and evolved into the exacting, inquisitive, and learned race they are known to be.

Despite their race's blooming in Martenshire, the threat of a new Skratta invasion looms large in the Crymbil mind, though it is widely known that the Skratta have since occupied themselves with other pursuits.