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The Crystal War: 1049 BE (2228 NW)

The Fae of the Court of Winter embodied the influences of death and decay, necessary facets of the natural order. The Tuatha Deohn were a sect of Winter Fae who played out their role in the Great Cycle, as all Fae had done for untold ages.

But as change came to the mortal races, so it came to the Tuatha. From the lowest of their ranks arose Gadflow, a madman who slew the High King of Winter and usurped the throne. Scorning the ways of the old gods of nature, Gadflow proclaimed his devotion to a new god arising beneath the mountains of Alabastra, one that armed the Winter Fae with deadly weapons forged of prismere crystal. Having built himself an army of zealots, Gadflow did something that had been unthinkable for a Fae: he marched against the Alfar, plunging the Faelands into war.

The Tuatha invaded the Plains of Erathell under the cover of darkness, a brutal attack that the elves would refer to as the Night of Blood and Fire. The violent Fae attacked the port city of Rathir, setting the southern edge of the city ablaze. Though the city's defenses held, the battle was a costly one for the elves.

After suffering brutal losses over a long, bloody winter, the Alfar achieved their first decisive victory in the Battle for Galafor Plain. For a time, the elves had gained the upper hand in the war, pushing back against the Tuatha incursion in a series of conflicts that culminated in the Battle of the Caeled Coast.

Pushed out of Erathell, the Tuatha regrouped in Klurikon and soon gained new momentum. Malwyn, Witchknight of the House of Pride, took his revenge on the Alfar army by summoning dark forces of chaos to battle alongside the Tuatha. The elves had no choice but to retreat to their fortress of Mel Senshir on the Day of Pale Swans. Though Mel Senshir withstood the Tuatha assault, the relentless Fae began a siege of the fortress that would last for years. The Alfar forces slowly dwindled while the Tuatha only seemed to grow stronger.

In the midst of this dark time, a new force arose to defy the threads of fate, changing the destinies of mortals and Fae alike. When the long struggle finally reached its conclusion, the Crystal War would have lasting repercussions that rippled throughout the history of Amalur.