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Garaner Vernt or Barten, depending on choices in the previous quests, will ask the Fateless One to venture to Castle Yolvan. This castle is inhabited by the Summer Fae who, until recently, have used some kind of magic to control the spiders in Webwood. The Fateless One is asked to investigate the Castle to find out what started the spider attacks and how their leader, the Widow, can be stopped.


  • Cutting the Threads is offered after resolving A Tangled Web.
  • Speak to Barten or Garaner.
  • You must go to Castle Yolvan to see how you can rid the town of Canneroc of the dread Widow.
  • Castle Yolvan is located north-west of Canneroc. Travel there and when you reach it, kill the Crudok which emerges from the ground, and approach the entrance. After you take him out, locate the secret entrance to the west, while facing the castle, from which there will be a jump-point that will lead you into the castle.
  • When you enter, you receive a new objective, and you must find the five Lorestones within the Castle. The Castle is a linear dungeon and there shouldn't be any problems finding the stones if follow the map. Make sure you activate all stones and watch your steps because the place contains a few traps.
  • After you activate all stones, a gate to the east will open a hallway leading to a throne. At the end of the hall, you will find a Fae who calls herself the Widow. She is a powerful boss but she won't attack you, but instead will send a swarm of spiders. While the Widow teleports herself away, you have to take out all spiders. After killing them to receive a new side-quest: The Widow's Wrath.
  • Note: It is possible to activate all five Lorestones and yet not have the door to the throne open. You will have to go back to the front door even if you've already been there, once you get close the quest will update and you will be able to go through the final door to the throne room. You must also have visited every area in the castle, including going to the area by front door which was locked when you tried to first enter the castle. You must also have heard the message from the Widow, "Is that someone tripping around my web? And here, i thought my fun was over" Only then will the door open. I activated all five Lorestones, but the door did not open. Realized that I had forgotten to head to the front door. As soon as I approached it, I heard from the Widow. I turned around and went back to the door, which was now open.


  • There isn't a reward from the questgiver for completing this quest, but inside the Castle there are many stashes and chests filled with loot.
  • You get some XP as a reward for each Yolvan lorestone. You also get XP for your first encounter with The Widow.