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Cydan is a Winter Fae the Fateless One meets immediately after leaving Mel Senshir, found just outside the city and requesting an audience with the siege-breaker.


Previously a prince of the House of Sorrows, he and a few surviving fae from the other Winter Houses of Pride and Vengeance have formed a small group that employs guerrilla warfare tactics against the Tuatha, calling themselves the Bitter Frost. 

Cydan seems to know both of your companions, respecting Alyn Shir for her shadowy nature and has met Agarth on more than one occasion.


Additional Info[]

  • Cydan obviously knows the Fateless One from times before he/she died (see quotes).
  • Cydan has a history with Agarth, at one point helping the fateweaver rescue his fiancee, only for her to call off the wedding in favor of mooning over Cydan instead. He 'has that affect', according to Agarth. Argarth seems to harbor no hard feelings over this, however.
  • When asked, Taibreah admits Cydan frightens her, as he is willing to go to war so quickly.
  • Many House of Sorrows members want Cydan to lead the House, rather then its current leader, Bisarane.
  • Interestingly enough, Cydan has no new dialogue if the Fateless One finishes the House of Sorrows questline.


  • I am Cydan the Outcastonce, I was prince of the House of Sorrows, but my true duties are to the true Court of Winter.
  • (when asked about Ventrinio) No need to be surprised. We know that you seek the corpse collector. Secrets are among our specialities. It wasn't so long ago that you were working with him here. But then, that was a lifetime ago for you, wasn't it?
  • (when asked about Alyn Shir): The woman who betrayed you and saved you in the same day? She would've made a good Fae. But maybe she makes a better mortal.
  • (when asked about Agarth): Agarth would have died a hero without you by his side in this war. Give my fondest regards to him.