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Lo, hear the tale of the pirate king, who cut a blood-red wake.

From dark Rathir to Frostbreak Sea, and Dead Kel was his name.

With Hanged Men crew and bone-white flag, he sailed from Gallows End.

No solace for a sailor true, when Dead Kel's ship came in.

Dead Kel, as he begins to narrate his own legend


Dead Kel is the main antagonist of The Legend of Dead Kel DLC. While he was alive, he was the most fearsome and legendary pirate, often referred to as the king of pirates. He raided ships all around the Frostback Sea, even ships close to Rathir were not safe while he sailed. He was killed when the Alfar Navy sunk his ship off of Gallows End in a surprise attack, killing everyone aboard.

His body was never recovered though, as the local island god, Akara, brought Kel back to life. It's not exactly known why Akara brought him back, nor is it known exactly what Akara planned to do by doing so. But when Kel was brought back, he became enraged being snatched away from finally being able to find peace. He somehow brought back his former lieutenants, the Hanged Men, the Whispering Witch, Baronett and Bloodgrin, as well as creating an army of Faer Gorta sailors to man his ship, the Requiem. He begun to terrorize the seas again with his crew, attacking ships, striping it of every bit they can use and killing the crew.

When Dead Kel is first encountered by the Fateless One, he is putting Udin to death in Cliffbreak Fasting. Explaining that killing all the survivors is a pleasure he enjoys to partake. Although Kel himself says that he hold no ill will towards the Fateless One, he won't allow anyone to leave the island, alive at least.

When the Fateless One becomes the next Scion of Akara, he confronts him/her at Akara-Tor during the ceremony that gives the new Scion the Blessing of Akara. He sends Baronett to fight and kill the Fateless One. Afterwards, when confronted infront of Akara in the depths of Akara-Tor, he starts talking about various things, such as his hatred of being brought back, how he finally found the peace in death that in life, he was searching for. As well as mentioning that he was most likely unconsciously calling out to the Fateless One to put an end to himself.


He is confronted in Cliffbreak Fasting in Gallows End. Later on, he is met briefly at Akara-Tor's entrance. Then finally fought in the depths of Akara-Tor.


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  • The Whispering Witch is supposedly his lover, whether that continued on after being resurrected is unknown.
He is the scourge of the Frostbreak Sea, a terror who seems intent on sinking every ship we sail from Rathir or elsewhere.

Commodore Garrick, upon being asked about Dead Kel


He's the worst of the worst. A villain who truly enjoys the pain he inflicts. He's a slippery one, though. Not even Death can catch Dead Kel

Captain Brattigan