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Elias Hurk has tracked a famed Tuatha assassin known as Deadeye to a place Shattertier Mine. He has begged me to enter the mine while Deadeye is still weak from battle and finish the enemy off.


  • Talk to Elias Hurk just outside the entrance to Shattertier Mines.  He will ask you to kill Deadeye who he has tracked to the mine.
  • Deadeye can be found deep in the mine, past 3 Bolgan Thugs.
    • There are two extra Thugs who will join in once the fight with Deadeye starts.
    • Deadeye tends to hover by a mine cart and a pile of rocks.  When about to finish her off, make sure you position yourself between her and the rocks.  If you do not, her corpse tends to be thrown on top of them and inaccesible for looting.
  • Once Deadeye is dead the Fateless One can return to Elias Hurk to end the quest (XP and Gold, both level-based ~2850 and 3750 at level 37).  Elias will return to camp after the quest is completed.
  • You may use this cave as a shortcut to Foe's Hearth as well by taking the exit found while exploring it.