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Declan Malus is a member of the Warsworn unit who was assigned a task of killing trolls in Haxhi. He is currently trying to recover from his wounds, his torso is still bandaged. There's blood on the bandages during the cutscene (about the area where his ribs should be on his left side). When approached, he tells the Fateless One he and his companion were defeated by Mountain Trolls.


North of Haxhi Dam (or West of Sunder Caverns beyond the two lakes) After quest complete, he can be found in the camp where Jory's body can be found (where you killed one of the trolls).


The Fateless meets Declan under the "A Brutal Contract" quest received from the job board in Shieldring Keep. Once you learn of what happened to he and his unit, you are given the task to complete his mission.


You there... did the Warsworn send you? It's about damn time. I've been rotting in this forest for near a week, and Jory's dead. The trolls are much worse than we thought. We thought rock trolls were bad enough, but these are mountain trolls, twice as strong, and very ill-tempered.
We came through training together. No one could out-drink Jory. One time, I remember he actually managed to... You know what? It doesn't matter. Bastard's dead. Hell of a time, we had, though, he was one of the good ones

when asked about his deceased friend, Jory.

Foul brutes... unbelievably strong. Twice as strong as everyday rock trolls. And now they’ve come to Haxhi. When you come across any, try to get in close - the belly is where they’re tender. Slip a blade or two in there, and they won' be on their feet for long.

when asked about the Mountain Trolls.

Sworn to War, we are. Swords for hire. Not a bad way to make a living, if you know which end of a blade to hold.

when asked about the Warsworn.

The contract was to clear the forest. Do that, and I'll be able to return home with honor.
I was unable to complete the contract, but since you have, you best get your own hide back to Shieldring Keep and turn it in. Off with you then.

after finishing the quest.

Step with a light foot out there.


One of the Warsworn killed during the assignment was a man named Jory. Jory and Declan went through training together, and were friends. When the Fateless One asks Declan about Jory, he starts to talk of the good old days but then cuts the story short.