Deda Eolfred
Basic Info
Race Almain
Gender Female
Class Merchant
  • Merchant
    Location Gorhart Inn

    Deda Eolfred is an NPC in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.

    Description[edit | edit source]

    Nothing of interest to tell. I'm just a simple farm girl from the Plains of Erathell. I left home as a girl and traveled west. Found myself here in Gorhart.

    Details[edit | edit source]

    Deda works the counter as a merchant at the Gorhart Inn.

    Merchant[edit | edit source]

    As a general merchant, Deda Eolfred provides the following goods:

    Weapons[edit | edit source]

    Weapons Cost Damage Durability
    Toothed Staff of the Geyser 5712 39 22
    Venomous Longsword of Bloodletting 4602 47 22
    Daggers of Skill 4128 10 20
    Crackling Daggers of Bloodletting 4051 36 22
    Vile Longbow 3836 39 22
    Longsword of Puncturing 2465 25 22
    Ruthless Daggers 2298 16 22
    Student's Sceptre 1530 20 22
    Smoldering Hammer 1210 34 20
    Numbing Longsword 975 20 20
    Birch Longbow 898 14 20
    Numbing Greatsword 891 27 20
    Iron Daggers 865 10 20
    Iron Chakrams 526 23 20
    Birch Sceptre 485 13 20
    Birch Staff 430 16 20

    Apparel[edit | edit source]

    Apparel Cost Armor Durability
    Cuirass of Dismantling 44033 57 22
    Squire's Kite Shield 1341 28 23
    Iron Cuirass 1090 30 20
    Squire's Buckler 982 20 19
    Rigid Gloves 912 18 19
    Student's Cowl 792 14 17
    Shoes of Lightning Shield 777 7 17
    Iron Chausses 445 15 20
    Leather Hood 355 11 17
    Cotton Handwraps 263 4 15
    Cotton Shoes 263 4 15
    Iron Kite Shield 195 15 20
    Birch Buckler 105 11 17
    Copper Talisman 62 8 15

    Accessories[edit | edit source]

    Accessories Cost
    Crusader's Necklace 2277

    Miscellaneous[edit | edit source]

    Miscellaneous Cost
    Amman's Key - Esharra 625
    Lockpick x16 50

    Quotes[edit | edit source]

    I've worked here since I was a girl. Arnick runs an honest business, and Ugnar treats me like a daughter, though he doesn't say much. If you need a healer's touch, Catrin works out of a room upstairs. She's Alfar, but I wouldn't hold that against her.

    when asked about Gorhart Inn.

    New to the area? I don't recall the last time I met someone who was unfamiliar with the Alfar. There are two groups. They used to be one, but that was many years ago. The Ljosalfar are cool, slightly aloof. The Dokkalfar however are very friendly, but their charm masks a mischievous nature.

    when asked about the Alfar.

    It's as good a place as any, I guess. The Fae are strange, but they rarely bother us down here. I worry more about Nanne Hanri, the creepy old alchemist.

    when asked about Gorhart Village.

    The mission? I don't know much about it. I will say this. It's a waste of good lads, that Order of Mitharu. Not many available suitors in Gorhart, if you haven't noticed.

    when asked about St. Odwig's Mission.

    All I know is what I've heard from others. They say that the fae folk possess powerful nature magic. That would explain the beauty of these woods.

    when asked about the Fae-folk.

    Vast, rolling hills east of here near the coast. You should head that way if you wish to join the war effort. The Alfar need all the help they can get.

    when asked about the Plains of Erathell.

    I must be honest. Sometimes I forget who we are fighting. All I know is that humans and Alfar have been battling the enemy for close to ten years now.

    when asked about the Crystal War.

    Don't be a stranger.

    Notes[edit | edit source]

    • Deda Eolfred seems fairly naive about non-Human Races.
    • When asked, Deda speaks kindly of the inn keeper Arnick Arduna and her co-worker Ugnar.

    Gallery[edit | edit source]

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