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"If you find any books on the island, please permit me to borrow them."

The village Deirdre grew up in was a very multicultural place. She mentions she grew up with not only other Alfar but also some Almain, some Varani and even a Gnome. According to her, this made it easier to learn their respective languages. 

Deirdre is a very educated woman and skilled linguist who finds herself washed up on the shores of Gallows End shortly before Padrig completes Gravehal's great library. Finding and translating books written in languages she didn't know helped keep her sane on the island, if not happy. Being invited to be Gravhal's librarian and linguist is a blessing, as far as she's concerned.

As soon as she settles in, Deirdre will offer to translate any books you find.



  • Like the other quests supplied by those who dwell in Gravehal, Translations is more of a Task than a quest, but unlike the others it can be completed - after all 12 books are translated the quest ends.
  • When the Fateless One begins the Master of the Keep quest series, she will ask them to find a full lorestone set on the island telling the background tale of Gravehal's creation.