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I am the head of the Rond Farm. There is always lots of work to be done.


Dennrit Rond is the owner of the Rond Farm and the husband of Alrette Rond. He farms the land southeast of the town of Ayten. When the Fateless One first arrives at his farm, he and his wife have gone mad due to tainted water used in growing their grain.

Unlike his wife, he appears to have completely lost his ability to reason, unable to actually interact with the Fateless One until after the completion of 'The Waters of Madness'.

Due to the madness, Ayten has chosen to completely abandon the Rond's, in fear that it might spread to the town.


Dennrit can be found at Rond Farm, within the Wolds.



Dennrit will shout some things while under the effects of the tainted grain:

My head feels funny...
La la la la la...
Oh... ah...

Once completed 'The Waters of Madness':

If feels good to be free of the madness. Thank you for all you've done.

upon your return.

My wife, Alrette, helps me keep up with all the work on our farm. Without her, everything would be a mess around here.

when asked about his wife, Alrette Rond.

The town ended its trade with us when all the madness began. I am confident we will repair our relationship with the town.

when asked about Ayten.