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Denric's Journal III is the third in a series of three journals left by the Almain missionary, Denric (also known as the Strange Man and tied to the (unwritten) side quest of the same name).


Day XX

Leg is pretty much useless for walking now. But what sights! Could Mitharu have left a glorious temple such as this? Ceilings so high they cannot be seen, a statue of a strange sort that I could not understand it. I even - I even cannot describe what I have seen in the views beyond this chamber.

But for a fleeting moment, I have seen true glory - a city of such shimmering beauty that I cannot find its like in anything I have seen before. Mitharu could never be contented with a city on the hill while this one gently floats upon nothing, lording over the earthly dominions below.

And what else, but its inhabitants! At first I thought the statues moved, and walked, and even perhaps spoke, but I was far and hidden and could not hear. They were giant, as tall as two men, and fierce besides. They had the strength of a Jottun, and such speed - a terrible fate awaits those that give them cause to malice!

If this was a true report or merely a vision brought to me by my god, I could not tell. But I must spread the word of this discovery the world must know of this strange south land, of giants and cities built upon stones that are not there.