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Maedrigal Fenn of the Alfar Army doesn't seem to care that five crews of fresh recruits have deserted. The fact that they took off with the valuable field-medicine, Bogstaunch, is what bothers him. He will pay a bounty for the recovery of all five bottles. He expects the deserters to be hiding up and down the Tywili Coast.


  • Talk to Maedrigal Fenn outside the city of Rathir. He will ask you to track down some deserters and collect the Bogstaunch they are carrying
  • The deserters are marked on the map. Collect the Bogstaunch from them.
  • Once 5 bottles of Bogstaunch are recovered, return back to Maedrigal Fenn to collect your reward (XP and Gold, both level-based).


You may have already collected some Bogstaunch before picking up this quest.