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As a Docent of the Scholia Arcana, my duties involve handling all tasks necessary for the day-to-day administration of the order's affairs in Ysa.


Augra Tenet is a member of the Scholia Arcana, she holds the rank of Docent. The Fateless One can join the order simply by talking to her and ask to join. The player most likely will meet her while doing main story quests, and when talked to, she will offer you to join the order.


She can be found in the Scholia Arcana Embassy in the Gardens of Ysa.



Welcome to the Ysa chapter house of the Scholia Arcana. How may I be of assistance?
And so you come again. If you are looking for Aethan Engar, then you must go to the Rathir Chapter of the Scholia Arcana.
Well. We should have fewer instances of calamity, now that Engar has based you in Rathir.
We are an order of magic practitioners dedicated to the fostering of knowledge regarding all things mystical and arcane. While the heart of our power lies in Rathir, we keep an embassy here, in Ysa to maintain strong relations with the Fae.

when asked: What is the Scholia Arcana?

Traditionally our applicants undergo years of preparation but we understand your circumstances are somewhat... irregular. Ever since you entered the city, we have been watching you. After all, an endorsement from Nyralim is not quickly dismissed. If it is your wish to join our order, you must first complete the Trial of Initiation.

when asked about how to join in.

It is a ritual that will better equip us to understand what place you might have among us. I will not lie; some do not survive the ordeal. Of those who do, only a select few are chosen to become members of our order.

when asked about the trial.

Then first I shall present you with this - it is the story of the order's founding, and a good primer for all who wish to join our ranks. Now I shall summon the circle of mages necessary to perform the ritual. Savant Engar will lead the Trial. Speak to him in the Delving Hall when you are ready to begin.

if chosen the response: I will submit to the trial.

It is not for me to divulge the details of the Trial. I can only advise that you do not take the risk lightly.

when asked about the Trial of Initiation.

We are a society of mages dedicated to the study of magic. Short of joining, the best way to learn about the order, is to read "On the Founding of the Scholia Arcana."

when asked about the Scholia Arcana.

Despite Jorum's frustrations, the wild magic of the Fae can be channeled in the most extraordinary ways. It is a great honor for us to be granted a place among them.

when asked about Ysa.

The Ysa Chapter is but a small branch of our larger Rathir Chapter, in the Plains of Erathell. We focus more on researching the magics of the Fae and Dalentarth, than pure instruction.

when asked about the Ysa Chapter.

Once completed 'Trial by Fire':

I'm a Docent. Some of my specific duties are being responsible for visitors, as well as aiding Neophytes such as yourself.

when asked about herself.

As you will discover during your time here, the Scholia Arcana is a venerable, illustrious order. If you wish to learn more, I suggest the library in Rathir.

when asked about the Scholia Arcana.

We receive a great variety of applicants here, from Almain to Dokkalfar. The Fae, however, rarely show interest.

when asked about Ysa.



A tenet is a principle that a theory or belief is based upon. As a surname, Tenet is one of the oldest English names, having come into English existence after the Norman Conquest.

She is outfitted in what appear to be basic Cotton Robes.