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The Domus Politica is a non-joinable faction as well as the government of the Gnomes of Adessa. Although all castes of gnomish society takes part in the government and power is split equally among them, the Templars basically have control over it; as the Praetorians have always bowed to their wishes and most Scholars except for some extreme fringes, don't care much for politics.

Under the guidance of the Templars, gnomish society has taken a step towards being a secular people working towards learning about everything. The Domus Politica decides which projects are picked and their budgets; what research is undertaken or abandoned; and the promotions and demotions within gnomish society.


Adessa is the capital of gnomish society and thus the home of Domus Politica. But wherever Gnomes are working for the interest of Adessa, the Domus Politica has some kind of influence.


- associated with the main quest Enemies in High Places and the side quest Under Watch

Courdan Passant - quest giver of Return to Sender and (potentially) associated with New in Town



  • Armoire x 2
  • Desk x 3
  • Dresser x 3
  • Locked Chest (Hard) x 1
  • Locked Chest (Very Easy) x 1
  • Bookshelf x 6


Originally, the Auspice and the Templar caste split the power of the Domus Politica evenly; with the Scholar caste backing the Auspice and the Praetorian caste backing the Templar.

The Auspices, being the religious and moral leaders of the gnomish people often butted heads with the Templars, who are secular and don't let faith or morality dictate what project should be undertaken. The Templars weren't exactly saddened by the passing of the Auspices.