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Drewn Ansilla is a member of the Alfar Military, as well as the last surviving member of the Ansilla family.

Before the fall of Castle Ansilla, Drewn was in love with the Hillared Gastyr, the daughter of the Gastyr family, the rivals of the Ansilla family. Their relationship fell apart after the Caeled Coast was invaded by the Tuatha Deohn and their respective homes fell before their onslaught.

He joined the Alfar Military when he came of age and has poured whatever is left of his family riches into it to help fight the Tuatha.


Ansilla Camp in the North-Western part of the bottom of the Caeled Coast.  Later at Castle Ansilla.


The Blades and the Seal


  • If you pickpocket his ring you can't junk it or sell it, but it does NOT take up space in your inventory.
  • To remove it, see stuck items.
  • Drewn mentions how he was only 10 when the Bolgan attacked his family, since the war has been going on for 10 years this suggests that he is at least in his very early 20s, possibly 20 years old exactly.