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I came to Adessa a few years back. Used to live up in Galette, in the Red Marches. A shame about what happened there, if what I hear is true.


Driadore Sele is an alchemical merchant. Driadore used to live in Galette before he moved to Adessa.


He provides the following wares:

Potions (Consumables) Reagents (Consumables)


Driadore can be found in the Arcadium in Adessa. It has also been reported that he can be found in The Walls as well.


The Tithes that Bind—Sari is one of the three merchants the Fateless One must somehow persuade to donate coin for the relief of those in the Hospitalis Quarters.


  • When the Fateless One tells him he/she stopped the Testament, he is very pleased.
  • Driad is 'three' in Welsh, and Sele is "harness" in Norwegian.


I have reagents, potions and recipes for sale, if you're interested in alchemical wares.
Welcome to Sele's Emporium Alchemical. Gnomes seem skittish when you walk in, but I reckon it's a peculiarity of them.
It's a nice enough place, if the gnomes take a shine to what you can do. I can make potions like their greatest, so I get to do trade in the Arcadium.

when asked about Adessa

I've wandered Detyre nearly all my life. There's a trove of reagents that can save your life, if you know how to use them.

when asked about his shop

Some fanatics calling themselves the Cult of Belen are sacrificing people to their god, or so's the rumor.

when asked about Galette


Driadore sele