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A race of dwarf-like people who are native to Obsidian Island. They are famous for their seafaring expertise and shipbuilding, surpassing even the Varani in terms of skill. They prefer to keep to themselves, due in part to the anger of the other races at the fact that they had once had a healthy trading relationship with the hated Corthian Empire. They had once held the island of Gallows End as a trading hub, but have abandoned it for reasons unknown.

Role in Games[]

The dverga never directly appear in the game KoA: Reckoning, but play a significant role in the backstory of the DLC The Legend of Dead Kel. They built the Dverga Fastings that function as dungeons on Gallows End, as well as Gravehal Keep, which the player can own as its Liegelord. They are known to practice slavery, as Gravehal Keep was originally intended to be a slave-trading outpost. The Dverga were planned to be a playable race in the Project Copernicus MMO.


They are dwarf mariners, small but sturdy sea folk who rule the kingdoms and islands north of Erathell. Don't be fooled by their size. They are fierce.

Cadwallon Gwynedd, when asked about the Dverga

They are a determined people, driven to tame the elements with nothing but the strong grip of their fingers, the will in their hearts. Sea or stone, they will batter down obstacles to reach their goals. Make no mistake about that.

Aubrey Gilcrest