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These ornate yet sturdy ceremonial chausses were crafted by Dverga smiths as a gift for a human dignitary who died before he could accept them. The armor set features the traditional Dvergan style but is larger and bulkier, meant more for show than use.


  • +5% Melee Block Efficacy
  • +5% Health


  • Found in a buried treasure location that is revealed during the quest Scattered Fragments. The greaves' location is revealed by assembling the Scuttle Beach map fragments.


As with all other items from The Legend of Dead Kel DLC, Dvergan Chausses should scale with level. The stats shown are the maximum stats possible.

Set Bonuses[]

Dvergan Armor Set provides the following bonuses:

  • 2 Pieces: +10% Block Efficacy
  • 3 Pieces: +15% Piercing Resistance
  • 4 Pieces: +20% Damage during Daytime