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Talk to Jakin Madsen, he will invite you to start competing in the arena. Once you enter the Arena talk to Vigor Broadshield he will tell you to choose 1 of 3 persons to fight beside you in the arena. Vigor Broadshield is a typical warrior, Aesa Alfarinn the assassin and the last person is Helga Swanwhite who is a sorceress.

Your opponents are 2 Rogues, 1 Warrior and a Warrior: Remus Bloodhawk ( mini boss )

After the battle, return back to Jakin to collect your reward (XP and Gold, both level-based ~5800 and 6060 at level30 - though the quest is not yet completed). He will send you to talk to Jokull in the Gambling Den who will give you Kentigan's Shadow and the next House of Valor quest Magic Men.

NOTE : As an active gladiator you are not allowed to bet on your match.


  • The Reward do NOT change depending on the person you chose to fight beside you.
  • Level-dependent gold and Purple Head Gear - Kentigan's Shadow (Finesse 43, +8% Crit Hit Dmg, +15% Phys Dmg, +10% Gold Drops, +10% Exp Bonus).
  • Recommended to go into Reckoning mode to get max xp, then fight the Arena Battle Board fights to get up your Fate before starting the next quest.