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In return for sowing confusion among the Tuatha by destroying the prismere chantries, Cydan has promised to share a sacred path to Ventrinio's tower at Dannestar. Cydan and Alyn Shir are waiting by the shore of the Caeled Coast in Klurikon.


  • Alyn Shir and Cydan can be found in the North West part of the Caeled Coast, west of Odi's Camp.
  • The Fateless One is given more information about the method of transport, the Shadow Walk, and should proceed to step into the shadowy pool.
  • Once on the Dannestar Isle, Alyn Shir starts running towards the tower, and the Fateless One should follow. Soon a group of Sons of Laz attack.
    Ventrinios well

    Ventrinio and his Well of Souls

  • Alyn Shir opens the door to Dannestar Tower. Partway up the stairs, Alyn decides to cover the rear from any remaining Sons of Laz. The Fateless One should continue onwards to find Ventrinio.
  • Once at the top Ventrinio is more than surprised to see the Fateless One and sheds some more light on the events in Alabastra. Soon after, more Sons of Laz attack, joined by Faer Gorta and Leanashe.
  • If you are fast, you can loot some of the corpses between the end of the battle and the collapse of the tower. (See also note below.)
  • The tower collapses after the fight, and the heartwarming reunion is moved outside and the next quest, Pride Before a Fall, begins.



  • Additional bits of lore and bits of the Fateless One's past can be found in scrolls found in the tower:
  • Further details about the Fateless One's death can be obtained from Ventrinio after leaving the tower.
  • By the time you begin this quest, your player character has probably reached the level cap of 40, when Fateshifting to earn more experience becomes immaterial. Instead, you can save your Fateshift until immediately after the final battle, and it will give you a little extra time to loot some of the dead bodies.
  • Talking to Ventinio after the quest is completed (white text options) may give you a ring.