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"Edgard Bastion. Charmed. Always happy to meet a fan."

Edgard Bastion is a member of Tyr Magnus' undefeated team in the House of Valor. He's an archer, so he will tend to hang back from the match and fight from a distance. He's the most personable of Tyr's team- and apparently, the most used to meeting and mingling with fans. He's been a member of Tyr's team since the beginning, and boasts of their undefeated position, and their unwillingness to ever give it up.


On the ledge overlooking the arena, at the top of the long staircase next to the market, with the other members of Tyr Magnus' team.


Involved in the final match of the Valor Arena tournament.


  • his model is broken and soul patch is flapping and rendered strangely.