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"I am a refugee heading west from the Tywili Coast, a grieving son leaving his dead mother behind. To think there is scum that would steal a man's sole inheritance".

Edwin Hoswig


Edwin Hoswig is an Almain refugee who stole a rare item from the wealthy nobleman Wane Emundas. Unfortunately he was later betrayed by his friend, Gelt Far, who took the amulet for himself and fled north to the Cradle of Summer.



  • "Don't mind me. Just another refugee looking for a handout. Life's tough, what with the Freemen striking us at every turn. You understand, I'm sure".
  • "Not professional bandits, exactly, but sly enough to cut a living out of this dried and dusty wasteland. You never know where they're going to strike next".
  • "Haven't you heard? The Tuatha have moved raiding parties inland, they've sacked homes all along the coast. Farms burned. Whole families killed. Those of us that survived are moving west, hoping the Summer Fae will provide a safe haven. The last hope for the hopeless".

Unlucky Charm[]

  • "So... old Emundas knows what happened. Well, I don't have the amulet. Gelt does. He took it from me. In exchange, he left his dagger in my shoulder".
  • "Don't insult me. You know damn well who I am, and what I've done. I'm surprised Emundas' wrinkled old head had enough sense left to tell you".
  • "I knew the gem was cursed. I overheard Fae speak of it, and of the great trickster Amman. But the curse is worth the agony. Imagine the gold".
  • "So you found out. Gelt told you, did he? No matter. The amulet is cursed. That old fool in Emaire won't want it back".
Return with the Eye of Amman[]
  • "Wonderful. Give it here. The amulet itself isn't worth the stone its made from, but its the story that interests me. Something of Amman's belongs to me."
  • "I don't have much in the way of gold, but I have acquired quite the collection of useful items in my, um, travels".
Giving him the amulet[]
  • "That's why I like you. You prefer action to debate. You will go far because of it. Like me. Well, like me before I was betrayed and left for dead".
  • "You and I should strike up a partnership. If I survive the night, that is. One of these days I'll get up and drag my carcass out of here".