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I was brought here by Farrara himself. Forbidden love can lead you in the strangest of directions. Here I am at the House of Ballads, and I won't even hold a sword.


Ellova is a Fae residing in the House of Ballads as well as being a basic level Persuasion Trainer.

She was brought to the house by the original Sir Farrara. From the conversation about it, it sounds like she was in love with him, but it was a "forbidden love" and so nothing came of it. As she came in the days of the original members of the house, she knew all of the original heroes of the House of Ballads. Unlike others, she does not view the Maid of Windemere as "evil", but that her love for the original Wencen to be true affection.

Ellova is incredibly flirtatious with the Fateless One regardless of the latter's gender, asking if the Fateless One would like to be her squire. According to her, that would be an "intense relationship" and requires many "moonlit evenings", implying a possible romantic relationship.


Ellova can provide the trainer with basic level Persuasion Training, levels 0-3.


Ellova can be found in the Summer Sanctuary in the House of Ballads.


Oh, I hope you are here for me.

when approaching her.

Care to be my squire? Intense relationships, they are. Very intense. Many moonlit evenings are expected.

dialogue when entering conversation.

I can make almost anyone do almost anything. Don't believe me? Ask one of my many admirers. I'm willing to make you privy to my secrets... for a price.

when asked about persuasion.

Forget Persuasion. Your courage is enough to convince anyone of anything. If you understand my meaning, of course. Anyone of... anything.

once completed 'The Song of Sir Sagrell'.

At the ending of 'What Lies Beneath':

Oh, my dear one, I worried you'd been taken with the others. What would I have done?

Once completed 'The Hero and the Maid' (if you stayed true to the House):

I never doubted for a moment that the Maid had met her match. She has plagued the House of Ballads for too long. Good riddance, I say.