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Elya Madmyr is a run-away Alfar Military solider and Master Lockpicking Trainer. She can be found hiding in a little passageway carved out of the rock just West of Seawatch in the Caeled Coast of Klurikon.

She joined the Alfar Military and served for three years, but she panicked after seeing the bloody and brutal battles fought against the Tuatha. She abandoned her post in Klurikon and she is now thinking of joining the Travelers.


She is West of the entrance of Seawatch.


Her brother taught her the Lockpicking skills that she's willing to train the Fateless One in.


...Uh-oh. You found me...
Lockpicking is my speciality. That and slipping away from a fight without being seen.
Interested in some training? You won't find a better lock pick in the Caeled Coast. Not that there are any others.
I'm not interested in battle. I want to join the Travelers. Stealing beats killing.
Been in the service for three years, and it's been three years too long. One person can't make a difference in this war. At least, not if that person is me.

when asked about the Alfar Military.

Our forces are having a rough time of it, what with all the Tuatha about; but we'll get through. We got this far. We're not going to give up now.

when asked about the Caeled Coast.

So, you already know I ran from my post. So, well, you probably consider me a coward. You wouldn't be wrong. Silly, isn't it? A young girl enlists in the army but then panics at the sight of battle. You probably wonder what I expected? I know I do.

when asked about herself.

It's a talent, really, a sleight of hand trick that my older brother taught me so we could nab ale from our uncle's footclocker. It sure comes in useful out here.

when asked about her skills in lockpicking.

If you've killed one, you've killed them all. They're like weeds, reaching up every spring despite how many you cut down the winter before.

when asked about the Tuatha.