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"Always a surprise, eh Guran?"



He is a gnome working at Allestar Tower for Professor Fomorous Hugues.

When the story begins, Encel and Guran are doing their labor at the Tower, talking to each other while Guran pushes a gurney with a corpse lying under a blanket, and Encel is taking notes of the deceased. He unveils the blanket to know its race and gender. Afterwards they proceed to dispose of the body by throwing it into a pit full of the unsuccesfull Well of Souls' revivals.


The "corpse" was no other than the Fateless One, who awakes in a pile of decomposing bodies. During your newfound life, along with the realization of your memory loss (since you don't know who you are or where exactly is that you are), the revived mortal, searches for a way out. Walking through the cave system, you can see at a distance a group of gnomes being attacked by some strange warriors.

Pushing forward into the cave, you'll meet Encel hiding from two of these attackers. Once you defeat them, he will aproach to express gratitude. He then realizes that his saviour is the same man/woman he saw dead on the slab some time ago.

Encel is surprised that the Well of Souls worked and that it restored a soul to its recently deceased body. After this realization, he joins you in your intent to find a way out, whilst searching for Professor Fomorous Hugues, whom perhaps, will be able to give some answers, and explain your new found state.

Later on, Encel leaves you at the top of the Well for you to cross the bridge which leads to Fomorous Hugues' laboratory, while he stays to barricade the entrance whith the rest of the survivors: some praetorians, their commander Claude Ganne, and Aura Hanri, who is taking care of a wounded gnome.

At some point during your conversation with Hugues, Encel will arrive at the door to warn you both that the Tuatha Deohn have breached the defenses, and are charging to the laboratory. While he is speaking, Encel is pierced by an arrow from behind, dying in the process.



  • "What do you think this one is, then? Alfar? Varani? Could even be a Jottun!"
  • "Amazing how well the body held up. Better that I've seen".

Out of the Darkness[]

  • "Oh, thank you! Thank you! Why, if you hadn't come along... Wait I've seen you before... on the slab! You... you were dead! It worked! By the Tome, it worked! You're alive!"
  • "I wish I could tell you more. You showed no signs of life when we removed your new body from the Well's waters. We just put it in the furnace room with the others. We would have never done that if we knew!"
  • "You don't know? Perhaps the process damaged your memory. They are the Tuatha Deohn, the enemies of all the young races. We've never seen them this far inland, not even during the invasion! I... I don't know why they are here".
  • "This is what they're after: our greatest invention, the Well of Souls. Imagine an end to war... an end to death!"
  • "Cave blossoms only respond in the presence of magic. Perhaps there's more to you than it seems?"
Top of the Well[]
  • "This is where we part ways, but take whatever you want from this armory - we might have a few things that would fit you. Just make sure you get to Hugues! We can hold off the Tuatha here".
  • "I'll see you on the outside, if Fate wills it".

Personality and Traits[]

Apparently Encel shares, as with several members of his race, an innate curiosity, and an equivalent naivety.

He has great faith and trust in the project of the Well of Souls, and in his inventor, Fomorous Hugues. Encel seems not to take into account the possible variables of a world "without death", as if its eradication were something to prevent future evils, or that death itself is an "evil" or "wrong" to "mend", something that seems at the very least, unlikely.

It is interesting to take note of the relationship that apparently he shared with Guran. Someone diametrically opposed to the kind of optimism that Encel detached. He is a gnome who almost immediately trusts the Fateless One, without knowing absolutely nothing about him/her, and believing that his/her goals can be somewhat similar to his own.


  • He is one of the first characters to be seen in the game, along with Guran, and the first one to die, without taking into account the nameless gnomes who perish before him.