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Secret techniques enable you to extend the duration of all your Poison and Bleeding attacks.


Enduring Agony is a Finesse-based ability extends the damage done by Poison and Bleeding attacks. It also increases the damage done by Shadow Flare.

Note that Enduring Agony does not increase the damage per second of bleeding and poison abilities, but it does increase their duration, which effectively increases their damage by extending the duration of the effect.


There are five levels of this ability. Two more levels may be unlocked via ability bonuses.

Level Bleeding and Poison Damage Increase Shadow Flare bonus damage
1 +20% +10%
2 +30% +20%
3 +40% +30%
4 +55% +40%
5 +70% +50%
6 +85% +55%
7 +100% +60%

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