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Set your compass east and get moving, you have to cross through two entire zones just to get to the Templar Jorielle. As you cross into Menetyre you can find a Hidden Door that leads to a few new objects. You will also pass two Stones of the Hollowlands and a Stone of Spring. Take a straight shot across this zone and at the juncture to Apotyre you will find the first Apotyre Stone. Continue east until you approach the Darkvari Outlaws, one of which drops the Motus Mining Documents. Reading this note starts the task Whitestone Tarnished.

Continue your journey to Adessa where you can spot a Stone of Summer. You are stopped and questioned as you enter the city and then given the Villa Key to enter your new home. Venture south and enter the Domus Politica and go up the stairs to find Templar Jorielle. She isn't buying what you're selling, but she does tell you of a way to prove your point. As you exit you are stopped by Aide Forreux and given the location & direction of your task by the same person. Seek out Templar Octienne in the Livrarium and chase after him on the scaffolding as he tries to escape.

Templar Octienne[]

The most important thing to remember is that you cannot kill Octienne until he has reached the final point of the chase. With this in mind, focus on the White Palm Assassins that he continually unveils as you chase him. They must be defeated in order for Octienne to continue running. Dodging will be your best friend as Octienne shoots Fire and Ice balls that can bombard you repeatedly, leaving you open to the minions. Reckoning is always a good option when you get into trouble; just remember that there are quite a few stops where you must fight. After the final stop begin to pummel Octienne. Keep dodging his attacks and use stuns to keep him locked down or damage him from a distance from the start and kill him easily.

After you make a hole in the glass, jump down after Octienne. Listen to what Jorielle has to say then talk with Hugues.  The quest will be complete (Reward : Twist of Fate - Unraveller, level-dependant XP ~2500, talking with Fomorous Hugues after having talked with Templar Jorielle, and Gold ~ 15000, talking with Templar Jorielle after defeating Templar Octienne).