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The careful application of vile poisons to all your edged weapons and arrowheads allows you to weaken your opponents.


Envenomed Edge is a Finesse ability that adds Poison Damage to all edged-weapon attacks. "Edged weapons" means: Daggers, Faeblades, Longswords, Greatswords, and Chakrams.[1]


Envenomed Edge is a sustained ability which costs a constant amount of Mana to remain active.


Envenomed Edge has 6 levels. Two more levels may be unlocked via Ability Bonuses. Note that at all levels there is a 15% chance for the enemy to be poisoned for 5 seconds and the ability has a sustained mana cost of 25% of your maximum Mana.

Level Poison Damage Dealt
1 10
2 20
3 30
4 40
5 50
6 60
7 70
8 80