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Need some leverage with greedy merchants? Bartering is just a kind of performance, and I can teach you its secrets.


Eormen Gest is an advanced Mercantile Trainer who can train the Fateless One for levels 4-6. He can be found at the Travelers encampment of the Plains, Moon Camp.


I can teach you the secrets of trade. The Varani guard their methods well, but mine can be bought with coin.

upon your first encounter.

The art of the haggle is just another form of performance, and that is where we excel here at Moon Camp.

when asked about his services.

These times are growing grim. With my training, I could help you get a leg up with trading; we all might need our last coin.
Irion's wife left him, so it seems. Wouldn't be that bad, save the fact that she's also a leader of the camp. Irion's so busy pining after her that we've got nothing to do. Don't suppose we can get her back, can we?

when asked about Irion Tal, King of Cups.

Seems that Maire left Irion. Odd enough - when they first came to Moon Camp, they were like lovers from some ballad.

when asked about Maire, Queen of Cups.

The stage is never silent in Moon Camp, and Rathir watches us from a distance... ever the audience, you could say.

when asked about Moon Camp.

Well now, there are many in the Travelers with clever hands, but in Moon Camp we value a silver tongue above all.

when asked about the Travelers.

The coast was torn apart by the war. It's now a wasteland, for scavengers, refugees and soldiers.

when asked about the Tywili Coast.

I bid you goodbye.

After Maire returns to Moon Camp:

Irion's back to his better self now that Maire's come back to him. Hopefully, things will go back to normal in camp.

when asked about Irion Tal, King of Cups.

Glad to see that Maire's back. Irion has more of a love for the stage than actually leading the camp.

when asked about Maire, Queen of Cups

After completing Thick as Thieves:

I never thought I'd see a day where the Hierophant was held in chains, and Grim Onwig the leader of this camp. But what else could happen? Maire and Irion worshiped the Hierophant. When our seer fell, they fell too.

when asked about Moon Camp