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An epistle from Diodores, a Kollossae missionary, to the Ettin.


A letter from Diodores to the Ettin

Brothers and sisters, I write to you in the name of Ethene. Blessed be her name and the names of her followers.

You know her ways, for we are both children of the Ouranos. Our wisdom comes from the skies, our strength from the earth below. Ethene's way is the way of our people. We are as the hills and mountains themselves, as wise as the oldest things of this worlds.

You would quarrel with your brethren, but you no longer wage war against the others. This is good, and Ethene's way. Dies the mountain regard the pebble? No, for in its magnificence it does not need the pebble. So too do the ettin not need the empty words of the Jottun.

Ethene has shown us the glory that awaits your people. You can share in her gifts if you but follow her path. Do the ettin not know the way of Ethene? Certainly they do, for it way her divine understanding that gifted the ettin with twice the wisdom of a single giant. Indeed, twice the wisdom and twice the ability to speak her words and praise her name. Blessed be the ettin, for there are truly two of Ethene's gifts in one body.