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The Erathi were an immortal, mysterious race of powerful magical beings dedicated to the god Mitharu, Lord of Order, who ruled the ancient Empire of Erathell. The Erathi arrived in Amalur during The Deep Gloam period, sparking the events that began the Emergence era.

As strict adherents of Mitharu and to Order, the Erathi often came into contention with their contemporaries, the Niskaru; a demonic race aligned with Telogrus, the god of Chaos. The immense and destructive conflicts which raged between these two groups of immortals during The Deep Gloam have passed into myth for the mortal races, but there were some Fae who witnessed these battles, and passed their observations on into Lorestones. It was during this time that the Erathi slew, banished, or imprisoned various Niskaru lords such as Fyragnos, Acheron, Gorgra, and Khamazandu.

As the chaos of The Deep Gloam subsided and relative peace settled over the land; the mortal races began to crawl from their hiding places. The Emergence began, and the Erathi built their empire, which would last for over 400 years. Then they mysteriously disappeared and were replaced by the Mitharans, mortal followers of the Erathi who attempted (unsuccessfully) to hold the Empire of Erathell together after the departure of their immortal masters. It is said that during this time the Wind Stones were constructed across Erathel, in an attempt to 'call the Erathi back down' to Amalur. With the disappearance of the Erathi, all that remains of their empire today are the various ruins scattered across Amalur, and with the fading memories of mortal generations, some mortal scholars in the Age of Arcana contested that the Erathi were fictional.

During their time the Erathi held powerful magic and created many complex fortifications, many of which lay scattered across The Faelands. It is unclear whether they meant to build the structures mostly underground or if they simply sank due to the natural erosion of time. They also created the most sophisticated doors in the history of Amalur; the greatest of which were locked and sealed by the ironclad trappings of Fate, destined only to open for specific individuals or events, or not at all. An interesting thing to note about some Erathi cities is that they seemed to have an appreciation for aquaria, as some passages are built directly across the bottoms of lakes or oceans; magic barriers holding the water at bay and allowing one to view various plants and animals outside.