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I come from the far north. Although we are farther from the action, a war against the Alfar is a war against us all.


Ereen Meniadh is a Ljosalfar scholar settled in the village of Tirin's Rest. She has been writing the definitive biography of General Orieator, a great Alfar commander who fought and freed Erathell from the Tuatha invasion in the early years of the war.


She can be found at the Reedsong Inn, or in the chapel of the village.


Oh, I'm sorry, I almost didn't notice you. I'm making remarkable progress in my research. You see, I'm writing the definitive biography on General Orieator.

upon your first encounter with her.

Without his courage and tactical brilliance, we'd never have driven the Tuatha from the plains. He and general Varlaine are why I've come here: to comb the old battlefields for clues of what happened.

when asked about General Orieator.

You might say that she was the moon to Orieator's sun. Oh! I know some would take offense to my saying that. All the same, it's true.

when asked about General Varlaine.

The first was the Battle of Galafor Plain. Then - oh don't get me started.

when asked about the Old Battlefields.

Well the Battle of Galafor Plain was the first triumph pinned to Orieator's name. Then in Tywili, the Dawn March, the War of Parries, Varlaine's Gambit - and finally, Orieator's Stand. He died driving the Tuatha from Erathell.

if chosen the response: Tell me about the War.

The veteran? He is lapsed into drunkenness. He's of no use to my research - or any other way, besides.

when asked about Florian Brennac.

You shouldn't think all Ljosalfar are so devoted to Lyria. Where I come from, in the north, we take much more... balanced view.

when asked about Tirin's Rest.