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"I am a student of the world, my friend. The world! One cannot learn what he wishes to know from books and recipes. No! He must search the countryside for answers".

Erion Raff


Erion Raff is a Dokkalfar mage that can be found in the Erathi ruin of Mull-Rane, on the Forsaken Plain.

He holds the staff Dark Sliver that is one of the objectives in 'Rivener Tarsus'. It can be bought from him, pick pocketed or robbed from his corpse.


  • "Hello there. Out enjoying a walk in the ruins? You'd better keep your blade nearby".
  • "Look around you. This ruin holds knowledge so deep that no one man will glean it; but that will not keep Erion Raff from trying. Ha".
  • "Of course, the Cradle, an incredible setting, so rich in its magical history. I was there months ago searching for artifacts, but only came across a few random wand componets and a reagent or two. Nothing fantastic, but definitely worth the trip".

Rivener Tarsus[]

  • "Care to join me in my work? You look like you could use a few moments of quiet reflection".
  • "This warped old rod? I can't imagine why you'd have any interest in it. It's a patchwork piece, cobbled together from bits and bobs. However, I did invest many hours of my life in its construction. My hands still bear the callouses. I would part with it, for a price".
Buying the Staff[]
  • "I couldn't have parted with it for any less, you understand. A man's handiwork is still worth something. Enjoy the piece, and good day".


Personality and Traits[]


  • If you pick pocket him, dialog option to buy Dark Sliver from him remains and you will still lose your gold, if you go along with it.
  • The cost to buy the staff is not affected by the Mercantile skill.