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This here's the Three Lamps. Plague's put my own Gray in the healer's care - but we're open nonetheless.


Esme Gunnar runs the Three Lamps Inn with her husband Gray Gunnar in Didenhil village.


Food, drink, and a bed to lay your bones. All at the Three Lamps.
What ails you, lack of ale?
Best cup of ale and cut of roast in all Dalentarth. And - our rates are reasonable.

when asked about Three Lamps Inn.

We've had our Plagueshield and, well, so far so good. But what to do when the Plagueshield runs out?

when asked about the Blood Plague.

He's sick, off at the Healer's. Poor duck. And while he is, I can make this inn presentable, and ain't it about time!

when asked about his husband, Gray Gunnar.

Ah, he looked so fine, the day he marched off a fresh soldier. I fear boggarts and Blood Plague have done what war could not.

when asked about the village warden, Kester Barclay.

After you finish 'The Natural Order' quest:

It's odd. The boggarts cleared out not long after you showed up.