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My given name is Eswin Ealfhelm, but people around here call me Mayor Eswin. They're a simple people. That's why I like them. I grew up in the Almain city of Myria, west of here. I'd never worked a full day in my life. I'm certainly making up for it now. I sleep one, two hours a night.


Eswin Ealfhelm is the mayor of Whitestone. He arrived shortly before the Motus Mining Company abandoned Apotyre. He set himself up as the "mayor" of Whitestone shortly after the majority of the major mining families in Apotyre turned to banditry. He brought in a few Warsworn and a mercenary group to hold the town against the bandits. He's also posted bounties for eliminating the members of the major mining families in Apotyre.


The town of Whitestone in Apotyre.



  • He wasn't voted into being the mayor; he took power after he brought in mercenaries to defend the town.
  • He's hired two separate groups of mercenaries to defend the town. The first group was wiped out by the Zungars when he underestimated them.
  • In the chest behind the hidden door you can find many armor set pieces. Save and load if you do. Force lockpick for greater chance of armor set pieces and rare items.
  • In the mayor's mansion, where the Fateless One first met him, there is a door leading to a tunnel with some common Reagents. This door has a very hard lock to open, the tunnel then leads to several other very hard lockpicks to open. Each room entered this way has a chest with good chance of rare or unique items. It's purpose is most likely to be an escape route in times of insurrection.


And they thought I was the liar, the one who plots. You are worse than any of us in Whitestone.

After completing Opening a Vein in Adath Skoria's favor

Ha. Everyone in Whitestone believes me to be the snake, yet it is he who has coiled himself into the seat of power. They have been warned.

when asked about Adath Skoria

Coming to this backwards village was the worst mistake I ever made. Want some free advice: never place your faith in a mass of illiterate, isolated rag-pickers. The fools of Apotyre will put an end to themselves far faster than anything could.

when asked about Whitestone

General Quotes

There are four mining families: the Darkvari, Cynrics, Zungars, and Skorias. When the gnomes departed, so did the jobs. There was nothing for the miners left behind. Starvation, desperation... well, they change people. Most of the miners in Apotyre kept their sanity, even when they lost everything else. But the others, they turned to banditry. The usual: theft, kidnapping, murder. You'd best stick close to Whitestone. You're an easy target.

when asked about the Apotyre Mining Families

The Cynric boys think this is a game. They're laughing now, but we'll see how they like a taste of their own ruthlessness. They're the second oldest family in Apotyre, and headed for a prison, or the graveyard.

when asked about the Cynric Family

The Darkvari were hit hardest by Motus' relocation. The young men and women watched the elders and children waste away. Now they're all that's left. A sad story, isn't it? Doesn't excuse their lawlessness.

when asked about the Darkvari Family

Once the tyrenium ran out, they moved on. Gnomes don't care for the welfare of other races. They're hoping we'll kill each other off. Save them the trouble.

when asked about the Gnomes

Tyrenium. It's the only reason the gnomes ever graced Detyre with their presence. Normally, they'd find the climate too dry. They like their beards curly. Motus Mining settled Whitestone, built all the mines and relocated the families. But once they'd taken what they came for, they vanished almost overnight. Disgraceful.

when asked about Motus Mining

My home, a lifetime ago it seems. The port was nice, but the smell of fish near the harbor was... offensive. You'd have a hard time finding anything that resembles Myria here in Detyre.

when asked about Myria

Liars, thieves, and scum. Let's hope they never take control of Apotyre.

when asked about the Skoria Family

It would take quite a bit to convince me the Zungars weren't criminals from the start. And it's probably no surprise the worst miners of Apotyre made the best brigands.

when asked about the Zungar Family