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Image of Ethene in the art style of the Kollossae

Ethene Icon Goddess of Wisdom and Art


The time of deliverance is almost nigh.

The Teeth of Naros have gone untamed since the rocks were young, since the wind was but a child. And now, my chosen people stand on the precipice of taming this land... or succumbing to it.

I thought, once, that none could change the stars of this world. But at last, one has come who can.

Come, thou fateless one. I beckon thee.

Ethene, as she reaches out to the Fateless One



Ethene is the patron goddess of the Kollossae and is allegedly responsibly for raising them up from a race of primitive brutes on par with the Jottun or Ettin to their current noble and enlightened stature. Of all the gods in Amalur, she has the most contact with the Fateless One, whom she enlists to bring salvation to the Kollossae.

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  • Ethene, also known as ethylene, is an unsaturated aliphatic hydrocarbon.
  • Ethene's name is possibly derived from that of the Greek goddess Athena, patron of wisdom and tactical warfare.
    • That is why she is the patron deity of the Kollossae whose culture is based on that of ancient Greeks.
  • Ethene is the only one of the Patron Gods available to exactly 3 races. The other patrons are available to 1 or 2, and patron-less is available to all 4.