The Ettin are a savage race of two-headed giants that are found in the wilds of Amalur.




The Ettin appear in-game in three varieties, and all have relatively high HP:

  • Ettin Brutes use leaping belly-slams to attack from a distance, and a two-punch combo at close range.
  • Ettin Shamans use lightning attacks: A line from a distance, an all-directions explosion at medium range, and a charged axe swing at close range.
  • Ettin Warpriests are especially powerful Ettin Shamans. Aside from their common form, five are named in-game: Sul, Duxtir, Merog, Ansir, and Kurtorix.

Ettin are often accompanied by multiple wolves, making it much more difficult to avoid their rather straightforward attack schemes.

All Ettins resist physical damage. Shamans and Warpriests additionally resist piercing and lightning.


The Ettin culture is highly warlike and primitive. The ettin are led by magically adept warlords known as shamans. Ettin often wear the skulls of their slain enemies around their waists. According to Agarth, they are known to eat humans in their stew. They likely tame wolves, given how common wolves and Ettin are found together in-game.


The Ettin are most commonly found in Ettinmere.

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