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Upon entering an alley to the right of Customs House in Rathir the Fateless One is stopped by a heavily-wounded Raf Klyr, who says that the Sparrows were betrayed. Before dying he asks that the message is delivered to Selni in Rathir's Lower Tunnels.


  • Selni and a group of Sparrows can be found in the deepest part of the Lower Tunnels. The path is linear and strewn with traps and spiders.
  • Selni Suggests to ask the City Guard for help. The Fateless One can then use a persuasion check to suggest that no-one can be trusted, even the City Guard. If successful, Selni will suggest to look around the City Guard building, or failing that talk to Captain Eriad Talibor.
  • Orwin can be found in front of the Abergast Residence in Lower Rathir. He reveals that it's Captain Talibor who's behind the murders, and that he's planning to pin the blame on Orwin. Not liking the idea Orwin attacks the Fateless One with a gang of Dunnmen Bandits in an attempt to shift the blame.
  • The Fateless One must then return to the tunnels, to find the Captain and several City Guard confronting Selni and her Sparrows.
  • The Captain curses the Fateless One for intervening and attacks, wanting to make it as if the Fateless One was the murderer and was killed during capture.
    • There are two City Guard, and the Captain is a stronger foe (orange name). The guard should be quickly dispatched to avoid Sparrow casualties and the Captain can then be killed easily with Sparrows' help.
  • Selni informs the Fateless One that this was all a ploy in order to remove evidence of the Captain's slave trade, which the Sparrows happened upon while salvaging a sunken merchant ship.


  • Ragpicker's Ring, XP and Gold (both level-based)
  • Assorted loot from the caves, corpses of the Captain and guards, and chests in the Sparrows' nest.


  • Conversations with Orwin and (later) Talibor suggest the player was meant to have spoken to Captain Talibor in order to progress with the quest. Therefore, choosing to find the document instead results in dialogue inconsistencies.