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Faeblades are a type of melee weapon available to the Fateless One in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning. Using twirling, sweeping area-of-effect attacks, the faeblades are a close-range weapon, good at causing chaos among and disrupting large groups of enemies as well as protecting oneself from counterattacks. Being part of the Finesse-based weapon set, they are intended for use by rogue-style characters, and are bolstered by the Precise Weaponry, Faeblade Mastery, and Assassin's Art passives in the Finesse ability tree.

Damage Characteristics[]

Faeblades will always have a base damage consisting of Physical Damage and Piercing Damage, with approximately a 65/35 split ratio.

They have a Fast attack speed, being faster than all other melee weapon types with the exception of the Daggers.

They have the Most combat moves available for those who invest fully in the Precise Weaponry and Assassin's Art abilities, equal to the number available to Daggers and Longswords.

They have a Moderately Low damage output per hit, being more damaging than Daggers (Edit: Actually not true, they do more hits, but much less damage per hit), but less damaging than all other melee weapon types. This is offset by their moveset versatility, attack speed, and unique Silent Scythe ability (unlocked by investing in the Assassin's Art ability).

Weapon analysis: Faeblade is held back by its average-low dps overall, and suffer the comparaison with Daggers. No instant-kill sneak attacks, 30% lower damage, an extremely long combo which is backloaded damage-wise, its only redeeming trait is fairly bigger area of effects for the attacks and more mobility during the basic combo, allowing to avoid more easily some attacks.

Faeblade Abilities[]

The Fateless One can learn new attack techniques with the faeblades by investing in the Precise Weaponry series of abilities and Assassin's Art ability, and can increase damage delivered by the use of faeblades by investing in the Faeblade Mastery ability.

  • Silent Scythe: Attack while undetected to deal tremendous critical damage.
  • Twisted Claw: Hold and release to launch forward, inflicting a devastating series of attacks while pushing them backwards.
  • Talon Strikes: Attack -> Pause -> Attack to perform a 2-part slashing attack, launching your enemy into the air.
  • Cyclone: Attack while dodging to perform a horizontal spinning leap attack.
  • Savage Wing - After a timed parry, attack to perform a spinning jump attack, hitting the enemy many times while midair.

Other abilities not specific solely to the Faeblades, such as Blade Honing and Envenomed Edge, can also be applied to increase damage delivered.

Crafting Faeblades[]

Main article: Blacksmithing

The Fateless One can craft faeblades at any Blacksmithing Forge by using some curved blades and a fulcrum; rivets and grips are optional components. With sufficient skill, mastercrafted faeblades that offer a bonus percentage to total damage can be created.

The Fateless One can also disassemble existing faeblades for salvage, recovering some of the above-mentioned components.

List of Common Faeblades[]

List of Unique Faeblades[]

Notes and Advice[]

  • Faeblades are notably weaker for stealth-kills than daggers are. The critical damage bonus they receive from stealth is far smaller, making one-hit kills far less common. They also lack the assassination animation of daggers, and attacking with a Faeblade from stealth will cause the Fateless One to emerge from stealth. This makes chaining assassinations extremely difficult
    • On the other hand, it is possible to hit several enemies with one attack, which makes dispatching of tightly packed groups of enemies significantly easier.
  • Because of their double-edged curving design, Faeblades afford a more 360-degree attack style. Almost all of the attacks within the standard attack chain involve some level of spinning, making enemy counter-attacks difficult. One should take advantage of the flowing, dance-like attack pattern to disrupt as many enemies as possible, as faeblades are far stronger against groups of enemies than their more focused counterpart, the daggers.
  • The Faeblades' charge attack, Twisted Claw, is a dash which inflicts massive damage on a single target and pushes them back a considerable distance. This can be used to split a single enemy off from a group if they are proving to be too difficult all at once.