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Faer Gorta are skeleton warriors animated using necromantic magic. However, unlike usual human skeletons, their structure has clearly more bones, this is especially noticeable in their legs. Thus, from the point of view of a broad fantasy lore, they should be considered more like bone golems. These are mindless creatures possessed only of their combat instincts and a dislike of living beings.

There are four different kinds of Faer Gorta:

  • Faer Gorta (ordinary) – human-sized creatures armed with axes. Most often found in groups of 3-4 creatures. Often the group is led by Guardian.
  • Faer Gorta Sentinel – enhanced version. It has helmet with antelope horns, while ordinary Faer Gorta have buffalo horns.
  • Faer Gorta Shipman – private type from the Legend of Dead Kel expansion. Has a pirate look.
  • Faer Gorta Captain – enhanced type from the Legend of Dead Kel expansion. Has a pirate look.

All types of Faer Gorta are immune to both poison and bleeding1 but they have weakness for impact damage (hammers).

Mythology and the term[]

Like many creatures in the game, this image comes from Irish mythology. There, it is a phantom of hunger and is not described as shown in the game: he looks like just an emaciated person wandering the earth and begging for alms. Its appearance portends famine in the country. However, if you give him alms, it can bring you luck.

In the game name of the creature is distorted, intentionally or due to a banal error, and instead of "fear", the meaningless "faer" appears.

In Irish "féar" means hunger, there is also a historical overlap with English words "fear" and "fairy". According to the myth, fear gorta arises from a lump of hungry grass, called in Irish "féar gortach" (does not exist in reality). This herb is supposedly planted by evil fairies, or it grows next to the grave of one who died without absolution.


When performing a stealth kill on a Faer Gorta, the death sound that is triggered is that of a male human, and is not heard by the Faer Gorta at any other time.

1Tested multiple times on all four kinds of Gorta with bows (with components *always* causing bleeding and poison on a charged shot when possible), there was never any damage or animation shown except the initial arrow impact. Unless there's a condition or clarification that wasn't mentioned (only bleeding damage from potions, which I didn't test, or only in an earlier patch, which I also won't test, or only certain abilities or animations but not damage, etc), then 2 is incorrect. Leaving the base text intact for an easy fix if more information is brought forth or if somehow my eyes and ears lied to me.