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I do not wish to speak about myself anymore than I have to. Not while the curse hangs over my head.


Faitir Scaith is the last descendant of the Scaith line, a powerful family of Alfar that took over the Aster stronghold Dolve Wayle after the two Aster brothers, leaders of Tala-Rane, waged a war against each other. The Scaiths were prolific and powerful until one of the line, only known now as "First", desired more and a Fae offered him great power in exchanged for his family's souls. Not only the First's immediate family, but the souls of every descendant thereafter. When a Scaith dies, the curse animates their bones and gives them hunger for the lives of the Scaiths still living. These animated bones are the Faer Gorta. They are his ancestors. He seeks the Fateless One's help to "end" the family curse by exiling himself from the family line, thus freeing himself from the curse.

But he lies, the truth is that Faitir is not actually being hunted by the Faer Gorta (successful persuasion and confirmation from the First reveals this). The curse only exists once a Scaith dies and then becomes Faer Gorta. Faitir ultimately wishes to have an army of his ancestors under his command to "protect" Tala-Rane.


He can be found just outside of Dolve Wayle in in the region of Tala-Rane, located along the eastern side below the pass into Kandrian.



Stranger, please! I am being hunted by Faer Gorta! The bones of all my for forebears mean to kill me!

upon your first encounter.

They are the bones of all my fallen family. I am of an ancient line, and the curse it bears is almost as old. When a Scaith dies, the magic of the curse raises his bones and forces them to hunt its descendants. Nothing of its life remains - just a hunger for Scaith blood. They will not stop until the line is dead, and I fear I am the last. But this curse need not end with my death - if you are willing to help me.

when asked: Your ancestors are Faer Gorta?

I must exile myself from my family. In ancient Alfar tradition, members of the family or clan could be banished forever with the proper ceremony. This stronghold was my family's seat. It contains the Solemn Bell, the Codex Scaith and my birth candle - all components for the ritual of banishment I must complete. We should begin. Meet me in Dolve Wayle and we shall get underway.

upon your response: I'll help. What's needed?

The Solemn Bell is not far from the entrance of Dolve Wayle. If my research is correct, it should be near the old assembly hall. It has been centuries since it was rung last. It is no ordinary bell, and can only be rung using Scaith magic. Let us disturb its slumber.

when asked: Where can we find the Bell?

The Scaith's were once prolific and powerful. But generations ago, one Scaith desired more, so a Fae offered him great power in exchange for his family's souls. The Fae later told him that it meant not the souls of the Scaith's immediate family, but of every Scaith that was and would be. Thus the curse was born. The name of that one Scaith was lost, so now I call him "First." As for my ancestors, the curse animates their bones and gives them hunger. For my life.

when asked about the Scaith Curse.

A castle abandoned by the Aster family, and later taken over by my ancestors. According to my texts, it became our great and glorious hall. Then, my family became cursed, and the hall, like the rest of us, fell into ruin.

when asked about Dolve Wayle.

The Aster family was once the powerful leaders of this land. The bloodline ended when a war erupted between the two Aster brothers. Without a unifying ruler, Tala-Rane fell to what it is today.

when asked about the Aster family.

This... this is the home of my ancestors. It was once a beautiful place, but has fallen to ruin and become overrun with monsters.

when asked about Tala-Rane.

Come - I need you to escort me to the Solemn Bell in order to stop the bones of my ancestors from hunting me!
Let us be quick.

Once inside Dolve Wayle:

That is it - the Solemn Bell. The ritual says I must speak the magic words to make it ring several times and announce my intent on leading the Scaith family.

once you've reached the Solemn Bell.

Leading them to battle - I mean to peace... Yes, that is what I meant, leading them to eternal peace.

if chosen the response: Leading them where? (succeeding in persuasion attempt).

It is done. If the bones of my ancestors did not know we were here, they do now. Now, to the library - where I can find the Codex Scaith.

once the bell has been touched.

Oh, it is as I feared. The Scrivener is here after all! I - I cannot go in that room. Not while he is there!

when approaching to the library.

In life, he bound the names of my ancestors to the Codex Scaith, and thus was the keeper of the names of our line. He fought the family's curse, tried to safeguard our names. But his battle was lost, and he became the worst of them. The Scrivener is powerful. I do not wish to face it, even if it is only bones and magic. Please, kill him quickly!

when asked What is "the Scrivener?

Hurry! Kill the Scrivener so I can enter the library.
Now that the Scrivener is dead, it is safe for me here. However, I was expecting this place to be in better condition. Well, I suppose this is what happens to a library after a few centuries of neglect... Ah! But here is the Codex. Keep them off my back while I find my name.

once you've killed the Scrivener.

Stay focus.
It is done! I have added my name to the Codex Scaith.
Yes, I added my name... I will explain later... No time now. Hurry, we must find my birth candle and finish the ritual.

upon your response: Added? (succeeding in persuasion attempt).

Stay quiet.
I must find my candle amongst these. It will not be long, now... It... it is no longer here! My birth candle has been taken from its holder.

once you reach the hall.

It has been taken... so I cannot complete the ritual. If I cannot extinguish the candle's flame, then I will only have a short time before the monsters reach me! The First must have taken it! He is the progenitor; not like the others, for he has never truly died. Yes, the hunger consumes his soul, but his body still lives. His tomb should not be far... Please, warrior, I must be free of this all - help me reclaim that candle!

when asked: Well, where is it?

Not far from the candle room, there is the family sepulcher. That is the resting place of the First.
It's... him...

once you've reached the family sepulcher.

What are you waiting for? Kill the First and remove this curse from me!
It is true, there is no curse on me - only upon my ancestors... This ritual will raise an army under my command.

once you've learned his true intentions from the First.

One of my ancestors was a leader of the Aster forces long ago. It is my family's duty to protect Tala-Rane, but I cannot o so on my own. With an army of my ancestors under my command, I will be able to keep Tala-Rane safe.

when asked: What will you do with this army?


  • After the last quote the player must decide for which side he/she will stand.
  • Successful persuasion checks can reveal part of his true motives before reaching the First.
  • See: 'Bell, Book and Candle' to know about the two possible endings.