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Here, in my pockets. A dead mouse, a bread crumb, a sorrowsome wail - but no magic. Ha ha. No.


He was once a Dokkalfar mage, member of the Scholia Arcana, that is said to have been very close to the Archsage until a spell went wrong, or that his lover fell to death, whatever it was, broke him. No one knows his real name, the Rathiri named him Faldranafari because of the way he talks.


He can be found wandering about the Lower Tunnels, within the city of Rathir.


We shall live in our enemy's house! Now above. Then below.
Frozen fire - blue then red - spear through head - will be wed.
The stones look at - they glare - oh! and how they listen!
Creep, crawl cower flower up roots down and with a bleeding sun stumble stumble to dusk. Dead and married be.

when asked about the Lower Tunnels.

Get! Out of my sight! Out out out out out!

when asked about the Scholia Arcana.

Spire fire higher tire crier dyer waters - dead.

when asked about Rathir.

You you you you enemy of Fate.

interesting rambling about the Fateless One.

Never so many many many eyes.
Will be wed will be dead.