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Clyeth Arne will pay me to recover his hereditary Staff and Talisman from Dolve Arne. I will need to acquire an Alfar Army officer's pass in order to get in.


The quest is given when the player meets Clyeth Arne in the province Galafor.

The quest requires the player to gain access to Dolve Arne. It involves obtaining the Arne Family Staff and Talisman for Clyeth, as he was called to war. To do this, an Officer's Pass must be acquired.

For a Finesse build character this is simple, as one can be pickpocketed from Anwyr Hedef, outside the Dolve Arne gates, with a high enough Stealth skill.

For any other builds, there are other ways to gain entry.

  1. Pickpocket Anwyr (even if you get caught), fast travel to Rathir and pay the fine (in the region of 1,200 gold) to a city guard. Return to Dolve Arne, present the pass to Anwyr and you will be granted access. (For those who don't want to get caught, the Potion Master Phasewalk can be purchased fromGelphyne Nargyfier in The Lower Tunnels in Rathir. (this provides the player with temporary invisibility))
  2. You can also go to the nearby Moon Camp and purchase a forged Officer's Pass from Reen Quiller, (very expensive, roughly ~7,000-15,000 gold, depending on your Merchantile rank).
  3. You are also able to enter Dolve Arne for free after you complete the main story line quest : Breaking the Siege.
  4. Travel to Rathir and enter the wardroom (Officials Place) and pickpocket someone there (not every one has the pass but at least two of them do).
  5. With a high enough persuasion skill, Anwyr Hedef can be convinced that you have lost your Officer's Pass and he will let you in. (69% with level 5 Persuasion)
  6. If you have already completed Breaking The Siege, Anwyr Hedef will recognize you as the Hero of Mel Senshir and allow you to get inside Dolve Arne free of charge.

The Staff and Talisman you are required to find are simply marked on your map once inside Dolve Arne. The Staff is found on a weapons rack, in the room next to the Talisman which is also looted from a weapons rack.

The player is then required to return to Clyeth Arne, who is now either in Rathir, at the City Watch or at the location where he gave you quest outside of the city. Clyeth may have been taken prisoner and may be currently residing in Rathir Jail.

Once you find Clyeth, the player has the choice whether to hand in the Staff and Talisman, or lie and say they were missing or broken. Either way, he is impressed that you went on this endeavor for him and pays you, completing the quest (XP & Gold, both level-based, and a random green or blue titled ring).


  • If Clyeth Arne is given the staff and talisman, he can later be found in Klurikon, outside the gates to Mel Senshir. It seems he's quite cut out for war, and he even received a medal.
  • While you're here, don't forget to collect the Relic for the quest Lyria's Lost, which can be found in one of the lootable locked chests in the West of the castle. There is also some Maybryn Wine available here for the Mixing Business quest, if you need it.