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"I am Templar Tancese, here on behalf of the Basilica Gnostra. The work of Scholars is not usually my concern; but the Tome of Contrition is a particularly sensitive item, and its fate is of an importance far beyond academics."

Fastrada Tancese is a Gnomish Templar camped near Undersea Fasting, nearby the northern end of Dark Harbor. Her expedition is made up of three other Scholars: Pepin Jamane, who seems to be a failure of a Scholar used mostly for fetch jobs, and the brothers Carloman Manoise and Louis Manoise, who are both published but aren't very well known. Fastrada herself is convinced being sent to the island to retrieve the Tome is a punishment.



  • Fastrada appears to be racist against non-Gnomish people, using terms like 'long-legs' to refer to the Fateless One. Even when the Fateless One completes her quest and delivers the Tome of Contrition to her, her gratitude is tinged with it.


  • Stand clear. Our business does not concern you, long-legs.
  • ( When asked about Dead Kel ) I am aware of him. The comings and goings of barbarous rabble is not my province.