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Fate door

the Fate Door

Fate Door are a new type of hidden door introduced in The Legend of Dead Kel DLC.


The Fate Door are first introduced during Until Death, and can afterwards be found in all the Fastings in Gallows End. The Fate Door usually lead to small rooms with chests.


Unravelling fate door

Unraveling the Fate Door during Until Death

Unlike the door found during the main quest Until Death the normal variety have to be opened by entering the reckoning mode and pressing the 'interact' key.

Note: these door do not recharge the fate meter. If anything, the meter is consumed by entering reckoning mode. To prevent full depletion the reckoning mode can be interrupted by holding the same key used to enter the mode - if done fast this only depletes half of the fate energy.

Fate door reckoning

Unraveling the door in reckoning mode


  • Souldeep Fasting - corner at the end of the passage that opens after finishing Until Death
  • Undersea Fasting - the corner due north of the Alchemical Lab
  • Cliffbreak Fasting - one at the second intersection, in the only corner that doesn't have a path leading out of it, and one in the passage opened by the first door.
    • Note: the passage and chests/reagents inside may not marked on the map until the second door is opened.
  • Mudhold Fasting - a corner in the hidden passage, south of the lorestone.