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Agarth, the Fateweaver

I'll be seeing your place in the pattern of destiny-who you are, what you've done, where your path takes you...


Fateweavers are Amalurian from all races and walks of lives capable of reading the intricate weave of fate, though most only see them today as those who tell people how their lives will end.[1] Fateweavers are capable of telling the people of Amalur the future for everyone, whether they will be very successful individuals or are destined to fail.

According to Agarth, at one time all fateweavers were part of an organization that passed down the practice to those capable of doing so. Unfortunately, due to time and stigma, that organization fell apart and now most fateweavers learn their craft from relatives or from traveling/local fateweavers. Many in Amalur hold great disdain for those who practice fateweaving, such as Cora Banick.


FW reading

A Fateweaver Reading Fate Cards

Fateweavers offer the Unbind Destiny service, which allows the player to reset Skills and Abilities for a fee. The fee is calculated as (Player Level * 256) * Max(Number of previous resets, 1). The first two resets use 1 as the "Number of resets" cost multiplier, to prevent the first reset costing nothing.

Unbind Destiny does not remove Skills granted through Skill Books, Trainers, or racial bonuses.

Should their customer, as a direct result of the destiny unbinding, be rendered unable to wear the armor being worn before the procedure, Fateweavers will also provide a very basic set of clothing items (a Tattered Shirt and Ragged Leggings) gratis if the customer is not in immediate physical possession of that particular set of clothing items.

List of Known Fateweavers[]

These fateweavers can be found across Amalur:


  • It's hard to say how one becomes a Fateweaver. Luminisita says she learned from her mother as a child, but no connection is made between Fateweavers and the Scholia Arcana and it requires much training and discipline (and thus isn't common), but further than that no details are provided.