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We Travelers spend our lives out of doors, on roads and camps and fields. Ever moving, ever roving.


Marri is a Varani traveler that can be found at Moon Camp. She offers fateweaving services to the Fateless One.


She can always be found at her table inside Moon Camp, within the Tywili Coast.


The cards foretold of an arrival. That would be you, I suppose?

upon your first encounter with her.

Irion is the leader of this camp. He is a true master of the stage, but a cunning thief as well, in his own way.

when asked about Irion Tal, King of Cups.

Maire was the leader of this camp along with our King, Irion. But fate ripped their paths apart, and now they are separate.

when asked about Maire, Queen of Cups.

We've traveled far and wide to make camp in the shadow of Rathir. From here, we do much trade.

when asked about Moon Camp.

The leader of the Travelers; the shepherd to our flock. The Hierophant is anonymous, and leads from behind a veil.

when asked about the Hierophant.

After Maire returns to Moon Camp:

It is joyous to see Irion once again in the arms of his beloved, but... I had not seen that outcome in my cards. How strange...

when asked about Irion Tal, King of Cups

How... how curious. I had seen the fate of Maire leaving Moon Camp, never to return. I am overjoyed to be wrong, but... but I was wrong.

when asked about Maire, Queen of Cups

After completing Thick as Thieves:

My cards... has the magic left them? Not two months ago I had seen Irion and Maire fated to lead this camp for years to come...
We have entered times outsides what my cards have seen. Grim, the leader of Camp? Irion, fled? Curious.

when asked about Moon Camp

The Hierophant has left us, and for the first time, the cards feel empty... have we lost our dealer?

when asked about The Hierophant