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My rank is First of the Watch and I report directly to Captain Talibor.


Favian Tyrn is a Dokkalfar member of the City Watch of Rathir, who holds the second highest rank within the militia.


He can always be found at the City Watch Quarters, within Lower City.



Do you have a crime to report? Or any other matter?

upon your first encounter.

Think of the Watch as the right hand of the Orbocant. We keep the prison, keep the peace amongst the people.

when asked about the City Watch.

To be honest, crimes in Rathir are uncommon - outside the Lower Tunnels, at any rate. An occasional drunken brawl among Varani, disputes between merchants... that is all.

when asked about the Crimes in the city.

The Wending, where the poor live, extends into tunnels carved in the rock. Crimes there are hard to police, and the tunnels run deep. Thieves and the like vanish there, and re-emerge when we are gone.

when asked about the Lower Tunnels.

The council which governs Rathir. No one knows who is on the council, though you may see their palace atop the Spire. They are cloaked in robes and shadows, but do not concern yourself with that.

when asked about the Orbocant.

"I can hardly believe the news, but the Captain of the Watch is -- gone. That means I will be Captain, soon enough." - when asked about himself after completing Every Sparrow Fallen.


While doing 'Bad Blood':

Crimes, suspicions, conspiracies?
Poison? I had heard the boy was ill, but that is a bit far-fetched. I'll send one or two of the Watch. You should meet them with these accusations at Abergast's house.

upon your response: Abergast poisoned Mallion Anwon.

Yes. And by Alfar law, you, the accuser, must be present. We don't take accusations against the Great Houses lightly.

when asked: So you're sending help?