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Florion would like me to descend into the Fellfire Pit, another Fae Hollow, to find the Fellfire Bloom, the only flower that blossoms in the sulphuric climate of the Fellfire Pit.

Quest details.


  • Talk to Florion after completing Kidnapped. He will tell you that he wants to repeat the cure for all the Fae, but needs the Fellfire Bloom found in Fellfire Pit.
  • Travel through the pit until you get to the Niskaru Tyrant. Defeat it and harvest the bloom.
  • Exit and travel back to the Circle of Engard.
  • Talk to Florion to complete the quest (XP and Gold, both level-based). 
  • Talk to him again to begin the next quest The Crossing.


Some notable loot found includes:

to name a few. Also, possibly along with some very basic loot such as gold, a potion, a lesser weapon or armor piece, a Sagecrafting shard, or some Alchemy reagents.